QOOL-GADGETS Inc. introduces and provides High Performance Solutions to make your productivities much better than ever and improve your mechanics operations much safer with lower loads in the Aircraft Industries.

Solutions such as tools, equipment, machines, and processes are developed by the collaborations of SUBARU, Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd, (FHI) Japan, and Japanese manufacturers, that should make you impressed and satisfied with the High Quality and New Technology.

Please visit the Web-Site of the partner company of tooling, and see some of the examples of the Technologies by the Movies FHI presented at Japan International Aerospace Exhibition or Aircraft Sysposium in Japan, etc. on the following pages.


Tools and Equipment

  • Lay-Up Mandrels made of invar

Ryoki Tool Co., Ltd. http://www.ryoki.co.jp/english/index.html

  • Drills

  • End Mills

  • Feed Back Torque Wrench

  • Blast Machine for surface preparation for painting composite panels

  • Sleeve Remover


  • Smart Robot Drilling Cell

  • Smart Robot Trimming Cell